Integrated Communications Manager at Flock and Rally

Job Description and Expectations

[While we currently do not have a position open at this time, we are always re-evaluating our needs and the position may open back up at any time so we still encourage you to apply. Thank you!]

How much experience do I need?

This is a junior to mid-level position for someone who has a minimum of 3 to 4 years of solid experience working in social media, PR, branding and/or marketing. 

You take pride in your grammar nerditude and know AP style well enough to defy it with grace. You enjoy a well-crafted spreadsheet and get all happy inside when you experience a well-run event. Perhaps you love to explore your community, and you have a knack for capturing all kinds of awesomeness on Insta and Snapchat. You follow breaking news on Twitter, but you share your big life moments on Facebook, because how else would the whole fam keep up? Maybe you have a blog or write for a local publication once in a while, because you just can’t help it – you love to share stories.

Flock and Rally is growing, and we’re looking for organized, inventive people to help us tell our clients’ stories and develop and manage their brands. We have a friendly, happy, driven team, and we share a toolset that is crafted from the best of the new as well as the tried and true.

Flock and Rally: Integrated Communications for a Brave New South
Flock and Rally is a boutique firm in Columbia, South Carolina, offering integrated communications services to clients in tourism, hospitality, the arts, the nonprofit sector, sustainability, real estate development, government, business, tech/new media, and more. We create and implement outreach plans utilizing industry best practices as well as grassroots innovations in public relations, marketing, branding, social media, website development, event planning and advertising consulting.

We are connectors, facilitators and communicators. We love what we do.

Our firm builds new brands from the ground up, takes success stories to the next level, and keeps clients at top of mind with target audiences. While some of our clients wish to reach audiences statewide, into North Carolina and Georgia, up and down the East Coast and even nationally, many Flock and Rally clients require a hyper local focus to dive deep into audiences throughout the greater Columbia, S.C., market and its surrounding drive markets.

We lay breadcrumb trails of content, build online real estate and manage social media empires. We nurture relationships and create networks based on trust. We focus on user experience and work at every turn to save time and money for our clients. We believe in the checklist, the process improvement and the protocol shift. We’re not afraid of the 3-page press release, but our favorite Facebook posts are one sentence, max.

The pace at Flock and Rally is very fast and deadline-oriented. Employees who do well and have enriching experiences tend to be self-starters with the drive and initiative to learn new skills, grow their social and professional networks, and become an even bigger part of Columbia's creative class than they are already.

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Are you looking for me?

As an integrated communications manager at Flock and Rally, you have excellent copywriting and copyediting skills and are a natural storyteller. You are able to see four, five, even six steps ahead of a current task and can create new pathways to getting cool stuff done. You can proofread an Excel spreadsheet filled with details on a big client project, interview that client to pull out more detail on the most compelling story points, craft web and social media content, and even pitch local editors and reporters to spread those stories even further. You appreciate guidance from senior staff on many of these tasks and actively seek advice, but in some cases, you’ve got it on lock on your own.

Maybe you are a marketing coordinator or PR specialist at a large company, or you might be a junior account manager or account executive with a creative agency. Perhaps you have moved up quickly from marketing assistant to marketing director at a small business or a nonprofit, because you saw a need and worked hard to fill it. Maybe you’re a communications coordinator, and you’re killing it, but you’d like to move on. You already are pretty good at this kind of job – you identify as a communications professional – and you’re ready to raise your game. Bonus points if you have worked in the Columbia, S.C., market and already have some relationships with media and influencers. 

You are a brave person who loves to try new ways of doing things. You’re always open to learning more. You’re allergic to drama. You are task driven, love to see things through to completion and can keep a project on deadline.

What is the structure at Flock and Rally?

At Flock and Rally, each employee’s primary tasks vary by project and are tailored to each staff member’s level of experience and core competencies.  Flock and Rally does not work in silos, and neither should you. Our team consists of 2-3 full-time senior staff (2 of whom are the co-founding partners), 2-3 full-time managers and associates, 1-2 part-time senior staff, 6-7 interns who each work 10-12 hours per week, and a small, local network of professional contractors who collaborate with us on graphic design, web design, photography, brand filmmaking, advanced media buying and the like.

What’s my role at Flock and Rally?

Ideally, you’ll work with 4-6 clients. While you may serve in a lead role on 2-3 projects, you would take a secondary role to a senior communications manager on 2-3 other projects. In some cases, you’re the direct link to the client. In others, you support a senior manager or partner in their communications with the client.

What happens in a typical day?

Settle in at the office, check out your schedule and tasks, make yourself a fun coffee drink and set your Pandora station for the morning. While you may spend an hour or so in a “writing hole” cranking out an important client email newsletter, blog post, press release, talking points or a section of a creative brief, you are versatile, able to throw some creative juice toward a time-sensitive social media post or weigh in on a community marketing strategy brewing at a colleague’s desk – all while keeping an eye on your clients’ Instagram and Twitter notifications.

With ease, you transition from cranking through your to-do list and tasking interns on research projects at the office to getting crisp for a formal lunch with a client and a few community leaders. Then you head out to coordinate interviewees for a TV news package shoot. Back at the office, you work up a shot list for the photographer for an upcoming press conference, sit in on a new client discovery meeting and note some action items.

We don’t require too many evening hours, but on a given late afternoon you might head out for a young professionals’ happy hour at the museum for which Flock and Rally covered the tickets for our staff. Time to wind down, eat some tiny sandwiches, do some networking, and maybe see about joining that board this year. (A typical day at Flock and Rally is action packed, y’all.) 

We use a number of technology platforms to manage our workflow at Flock and Rally, including Dropbox, Freshbooks, Workflowy, Asana and G Suite products, as well as your standard MS Office tools.

How is the work environment?

Our official office hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., but we maintain a flexible and adult work environment where employees are encouraged to manage their time with the team in mind and to communicate their needs clearly. While all team members track their time per client and per task for billing and estimating purposes, we do not have a punch clock, nor do we expect employees to “overwork.” While it is true that some weeks are more intense than others, we strive to give employees a balanced, 40-hour work week with the flexibility to accommodate an active lifestyle. We also encourage our employees to work on approved pro-bono projects on company time on a case-by-case basis.

What is the salary and what are the benefits?

Flock and Rally offers a competitive salary based on experience. We also offer unique and surprising benefits.

How do I apply?

Please send the following to your resume; cover letter; social media screen shots/links; samples of your writing that are unedited by anyone but you; a few samples of other portfolio work if you wish; and a short description of a recent scenario in which you were able to produce better results than you’d expected and it made you feel love for what you do. Thank you!